Total Quality Management

By working closely with our customers we aim to develop an understanding of their needs and how we can deliver our products to them both efficiently and effectively. Following this stage, the information we receive is then assessed and decisions are made on how to best service these needs by making necessary changes to purchasing, production and operations. Our successes with customers are the result of long and fruitful relationships with both Australian and overseas suppliers and is illustrated by our competitive pricing and consistent levels of stock.

Brisbane Metal Market is committed to the development of relationships with both customers and suppliers. This, combined with beneficial changes to production and distribution techniques combine to reduce costs that can then be passed on to our customers. Our organisational structure is flexible allowing us to identify, analyse and capitalise on emerging trends within the market.

Our offer to you

Brisbane Metal Market offer a complete range of steel products suited to a range of applications including; domestic, structural, marine, mining, civil and general engineering applications. Our product range conforms to all relevant Australian standards with test certificates available on request.