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Merchant Bar

We stock a wide range of merchant bars

Product Sizing
Flat Bar From 10×3 to 100×25
Flats Grade 300 From 110×6 to 300×25
Equal Angles Grade 300 From 20x20x3 to 100x100x12
Unequal Angles Grade 300 From 65x50x5 to 125x75x10
Rounds Grade 250 From 6mm to 39mm
Squares Grade 250 From 10×10 to 32×32
Squares Grade 1045 From 40×40 to 50×50
Deformed Bar Grade 400Y From 10mm to 20mm
Hot Dipped Gal Flats From 25×3 to 100×10
Hot Dipped Gal Angles From 25x25x3 to 50x50x3
Hot Dipped Gal Rounds From 10mm to 16mm
Gal Flats From 25×3 to 100×6
Gal Angles From 25x25x2.5 to 75x75x6.0